Серия мастер-классов от Дани Кивы и бренд-шефа сети PESTO CAFÉ Андрея Присяжнюка!
31 October 2017

Series of master-classes from the brand-chief of the network PESTO CAFE Andriy Prysyazhnyuk and Danila Kivy!

The most ambitious event of the autumn -  a series of themed master classes from the finalist of the show Master Chief Kids, the Kenwood Cooking Chef brand and from the winner of many culinary festivals - Danila Kiwy and the brand-chief of the network PESTO CAFÉ Andriy Prysyazhnyuk! Come and find out all the secrets of cooking your favorite holidays and see with your own eyes the friendship of the big and small chef! Hurry to book a place because the number of tickets is limited, and remember - where is PESTO CAFÉ and Danya Kiva, there is always a holiday!

Start at 11: 00 a.m.      

Price - 150 UAH

Recommended age - from 7 years.

Tickets for master classes you can buy at all restaurants PESTO CAFÉ

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