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Dear friends, we present you a popular section of the menu - Snacks.

In Pesto, cafes especially like them, because snacks are fast and tasty dishes. Like desserts. Only on the contrary: they are served before meals, not after, and their taste is not sweet at all. You'll like it!

Snacks (or antipasti) are traditional Italian cheese and meat dishes.

According to one legend, in the 15th century, the Vatican librarian, Bartolomeo Sacchi, wrote a book about tasty and healthy food, more precisely, “On true joy and well-being,” in which he suggested Italians to eat more fruits and even start having lunch with them.

Italians, they say, have added jerky to fruit. What came out of this snack five and a half centuries later, we invite you to try.

One of the historical varieties of antipasti is the famous “Caprese”. The classic “Caprese” is mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, served with pesto sauce. We are preparing a classic Caprese with the author's addition from our brand chef.

In addition to Caprese, in Pesto Café you can order other snacks, and delivery of snacks when ordering more than 150 hryvnia is free.

We continue to talk about snacks.

Carpaccio is another national treasure.

The original appetizer is named after the Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio, who loved red and white, was prepared only from veal. But as usual, time has fixed everything, and now almost all cold snacks are connected with this name, where the main product is sliced into thin slices: in Pesto Cafe we prepare veal carpaccio and salmon

Oh, and do not forget about tartar!

Salmon or veal in tartar, unlike carpaccio, is finely chopped. The differences do not end there, but try it yourself.

And here is the most popular snack - a tender chicken liver pate with apple confiture.

For vegetarians (and not only), we offer a snack of three types of selected olives - a miracle presented by nature itself!

Delivery snacks in Kiev by phone: (044) 225 33 33. We will call you back!

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