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Welcome to Milan! So, unexpectedly, from the Pesto Café in the VMB shopping center near the Zhytomyr metro station, like an example, or directly from your own home. So, here you go, to Piazza del Duomo, to the left, meet in Vittorio Emmanuelle. It seems that his monumental horse is about to flutter from the sentimental feelings. Of course - the view of the Milan Cathedral staying in the sun rays is wonderful. Let's just stay quiet here until we get a pretty hungry. Do not worry, it's not teleportation. It's a risotto! Risotto - the heritage of northern Italy, where its recipes are one thousand and one. And this is only in one village. Local peasants cook risotto with vegetables or chicken, and those who live closer to the coast - with mussels and other gifts of the sea. It is said that this, in the translation from the local language, "short-grain rice" (meaning a small rice) which is not as old as other Italian dishes. It is only 150 years old. But despite its young age, Risotto managed to enter the menu of all the Italian restaurants in the world. Our brand-chief is cooking risotto using the recipe which has been given to him by one hereditary Italian chef. We'll reveal a little the secret of risotto's cooking. The main thing is to take the right short-grain rice. We take the sort of arborio. The corresponding rice becomes tender, creamy, flowing and melting during cooking. To give a perfect dish, we frighten a little bit of rice in oil, from which it acquires the taste and texture characteristic of risotto. Add a couple of spoons of broth. Then a little bit more and one more time. And then - corresponding stuffing, for example, cheese or seafood and a bit of a taste of life. And here is the aromatic Risotto Pesto Café on your desk! Feel the smell of Italy? There are three versions of the cartoons in Pesto Cafe. No more and no less - this is perfect number so that you are not bored, but did not forget that we still have a paste and a pizza. Number one - shreds with shrimp. Second version: risotto with four cheeses (native brother of the famous pizza with the same name, with Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Emmental and Parmesan cheeses. And of course, risotto with mushrooms. Specially selected white mushrooms make the dish aromatic and unique. And as you already know, delivery within Kyiv is free of charge! To order a risotto, call by the number: (044) 225-33-33 or make an order online on the site.

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