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Pizza Pesto is a delicate matter and not affordable for everyone. And you need to try it with the pestoists of the Italian traditions. That is, in Pesto Cafe.


Pizza delivery in Kiev is free of charge!

And to tell you the truth, we want you to call us. Because pizza lovers are special guests, and it’s always nice to hear people close in spirit.

So about pizza, about the legendary queen of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lineage of this dish dates back to prehistoric times, noble ancestors were seen at the feasts of the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were still imperfect, but they gave hope. And later tomatoes were brought to Europe. It was then that the real pizza was born, the one.

They say that pizza makers appeared in the 17th century, such cooks, who could even order peasants to order pizza. A century later, the pizza hit the royal table, and of course, the kings fell in love!

Later, Margarita Savoyskaya, daughter-in-law of the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele, wanted to personally take part in cooking pizza. Her pizza was called Margarita.

The most popular were: Pesto pizza, Caesar pizza and Salami pizza.

Pesto specialty pizza: ham, mozzarella and basil, and most importantly - branded sauce, the composition of which we do not disclose.

Therefore, Pesto Pizza is unique and you will not find such anywhere else. Is that somewhere in a remote corner of quiet, but proud Italy, where there is everything.

Now we can safely move on to the pizza delivery service. The menu, as always, is so rich and varied that you may need help choosing.

Order pizza by phone: (044) 225 33 33.

Pizza delivery in Kiev is free!

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