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Let's guess. If you are not in a mood to eat pizza today, then most likely you came to us desiring to order pasta or ravioli. Did we nick it? Everything is simple, because Italian cuisine without pasta, like Ukrainian without borsch. This is an indispensable and incomparable dish. Why? If only because the paste is translated from Italian like a food. Any kind of food. We are making pasta in Pesto Café on our own using some hard wheat varieties. Spaghetti, tagliatelle, fusilli, penne. Who also knows, sing along with us. Short or long, under the tomato or cream sauce, with mushrooms or with meat, or both at the same time. Pasta Carbonara, Paste Bolognese, lasagna, mmm! It is said that the first Italian paste, found by archaeologists, consisted of water and flour, and the technology supposed to dip a dough with the feet and dry in the sun. Of course, after a couple of thousand years, such beloved gourmands of Pesto Cafe make pasta much more refined. In addition, during this time parmesan has been invented and it’s became aware how to use the basil in a right way, what resulted that nowadays they became inseparable companions of any kind of paste. We are also cooking several types of ravioli. There is a definition of ravioli in directories, which describes ravioli like square dumplings, but we know this it is not true! Ravioli is a unique Italian dish, a kind of pasta with a variety of fillings. The Pesto Cafe presents the main ones: with meat, fish and cheese. More precisely, with a rabbit, with salmon and spinach and with a ricotta. Everyone is equally worthy. Well, are you ready to order a paste - or do you want more stories? We, at Pesto Café, know everything about a paste and can talk about it for a long time. OK, here are some more facts. In ancient Rome, the paste was cooked in salted sea water, and in the Middle Ages - in almond milk. For the title of the country of pastes origin, in addition to Italy claim China and the Arab states. The average Italian eats about 25 kg of pasta per year, but the American is only 7 kg. Enough? Let's come to the hot dishes! We know that it is difficult, but we have to make a choice. Choose faster, the water is already boiling. To deliver pasta and ravioli, place an order online or ask for a callback: (044) 225-33-33.

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