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There is no Italian restaurant without Italian bread? At Pesto Café, you can order bread cooked based on ancient recipes from our favorite country. Bread is the most important product in the human diet, the basis of the menu, it is not in vain that the Slavs was saying "Bread is the staff of life", and the Italians assert "better bread with love than feast with grief." The first such products began to bake on the fire in the Stone Age. Perhaps even then they began to make the first focaccia - Italian white bread in the form of a baking sheet baked in ash. More precisely, that time it was not yet Italian. But the national flavor of the flatbread was purchased when it began to add olive oil. A delicious and simple dish that was baked in a fire came out. Hence the name: focaccia is translated from the Italian like "baked in the hearth". This kind of bread was very convenient for the peasants to take in the field, the soldiers - on a trip, traveling - on the road. Therefore, the recipe soon spread throughout Italy. And when they decided to put mincemeat on top of the flatbread - tomatoes and cheese – it turned over to the pizza. Nowadays Italian bread focaccia can be found at the best national restaurants in the world, including, of course, Pesto Cafe. A modern focaccia is prepared either from a yeast dough (the same one used for pizza), or from an unleavened cud, to make it thin and crisp. It is customary to add spicy herbs, onions or garlic, and sometimes cheese, tomatoes or other stuffing. At Pesto Café, we prepare a thin focaccia with Mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheese, as well as another kind of tomatoes, thyme and parmesan cheese. There is another traditional option - the Italian grissini bread. These crispy bread-stick came from Northern Italy. They were cooked in the Middle Ages, and now they can be found in Italian restaurants around the world. The main ingredients, as always, are flour, water and olive oil. Sometimes olive oil is replaced with cream, and to the sticks of the sin add different seasonings, usually basil or other fragrant greens. And in Pesto Café, you can order the Italian grissini bread with prosciutto.

In case you dine with your family, we will bring you a bread basket. It includes traditional bread types. To order the bread to your home, call by the number (044) 225 33 33 - or make an order at Bon appetit!

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