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Grill-menuin the restaurant Pesto Cafe is a great pleasure for lovers of useful andhealthy food. Veal, pork, chicken, as well as fish and vegetables. And, ofcourse, special sauces. Have you ever tested frill meals? Try it! Order upon150 hryvnias -cost free delivery within Kyiv. Now, have a look at our grillmenu. Let’s start with meat. We offer: veal, pork and chicken. What do you likemore: steaks, bone-in ribeye steak, chicken leg with vegetables or chicken withpotatoes? Or maybe, burgers? Branded burger Pesto with veal risolle, tomatoseand mozzarella cheese is very popular. It is servicing with French fries. Hesitatingto choose or you have hosts of friends? Then it's better to order a variety ofdifferent kinds of grilled meat! Saddle of veal, bone-in pig steak, chicken keg,French fries and simultaneously three kinds of sauces: with cilantro, barbecue and mushroom. Those, who do not want meat, we are offering another grilled dish: In Pesto Cafe you can order vegetables, as well as fish - trout or dorado. Grilled fish is serviced with lemon and thyme. Portion of grilled vegetables includes champignons, Bulgarian pepper, zucchini and eggplants. And, without exception, sauces: barbecue, creamy mustard, berry, tartar, mushroom or home adjika sauce – there are hosts of choices. And for gourmands - tomato sauce with coriander cream with gorgonzola. Each meal in the menu has its own sauce, please, do not forget to consult with your waiter. We want the food you order to bring you joy! To order grilled dishes in Pesto Café please, call us by: (044) 225 33 33. We will call you back!

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