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What is the best way to declare love to your loved ones or to yourself?

Right - order a dessert.

Delivery of desserts in Kiev from the restaurant Pesto Cafe will please both small sweet teeth, and experienced gourmets, and everyone who wants to cheer themselves up. Here you will find sweet dishes for every taste. And you can order desserts at home on the occasion of a holiday or a family celebration - there is enough joy for everyone!

Classic Italian desserts are something without which it is difficult to imagine the cuisine of Pesto Cafe. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Panakota is a dessert originally from Northern Italy, from the province of Piedmont, the capital of which is the famous Turin. Translated from the Italian Panacco (or rather, “panna cotta”) means “boiled cream”. In fact, this is vanilla cream pudding, which is customary to eat with various additives, most often with fruit syrup with spices.

Tiramisu - coffee dessert, which involves strictly defined ingredients. These are mascarpone cheese, espresso and savoyardi cookies. Just from such products we prepare it in Pesto Café. It is the presence of coffee in the composition of this sweet dish, apparently, predetermined its name - from Italian it means “cheer me up” or “that which raises me”.

The history of the origin of tiramisu is foggy and has managed to acquire legends, despite the fact that its first mention in print was recorded no further than in 1971. One of the versions claims that dessert was invented in the XVII century in Tuscany, the other - that it was invented in Treviso, Venice, in the 60s of the twentieth century. Anyway, no one doubts that this Italians created this elegant, nutritious dish. However, they love him all over the world: for several decades now tiramisu has been among the most popular desserts on the planet.

Italian desserts in the Pesto Café are adjacent to the international classics of the genre. However, with regard to cheesecakes, they say they were prepared in ancient Rome. And the Napoleon cake, according to one of the versions, is directly related to Italy. At least the name Napoleon is Italian, and it comes from the name of the city of Naples. In Italy, this dessert is very popular, but is called in its own way - millefeuille, "a thousand layers."

Do not forget that the delivery of desserts in Kiev is free, when ordering from 150 UAH.

Order desserts by phone: (063) 225-33-33, (097) 225-33-33, (099) 225-33-33.

We will be happy to make your day better.

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